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4500sq ft gym with an additional 600ft of chiropractic offices and treatment rooms located by Southeast Houston. We have several nationally ranked and pro-level powerlifters, professional strongmen including Andy Vincent (America's Strongest Man 2009), Josh Thigpen (WSM 2005, 2006 Competitor) and "He-Dan" Dan Harrison (970lb deadlift!!), MMA Fighters, Crossfitters, Football players, and everything in between. This is THE premier strength training facility in the Houston metropolitan area!


Over 7000lbs of olympic plates, over 500lbs of bumper plates, dumbbells to 140, Squat Bars, IPF-approved Q-Bar, Texas Power Bars, Texas Deadlift Bars, Giant Cambered Squat Bar, Safety Squat Bars, 2" Thick Bars, regular Olympic bars, over 200lbs of chains, Jumpstretch Bands, 2 Power Racks, three 8x8 platforms, Hydraulic Monolift, Competition Benches, Chest-supported Rows, 3 Reverse Hypers, 2 Glute Ham Raises, 45 degree hyper, Dragging Sleds, Prowlers, several Farmers Walk Handles, Super Yokes, 5 Tires ranging from 300 to 1050, Stones from 160 to 400+, loading platforms from 48" to 67", 600lb Anchor Chain, several hussafel stones, several Steel Strongman Logs and adding more everyday.



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